Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Active Hurricane Season...???

Pretty much as anticipated, 2 agencies have come out with their 2011 hurricane forecasts and both TSR(14) & CSU(16) are calling for above normal activity. As the Gray/Klotzbloch team indicates, higher total numbers usually (not in 2010) tranlates into more landfalling storms. They are indicating just that for this coming season. I just have great difficulty getting excited by these forecasts since they can't pinpoint where or when. As usual, you must be ready to stay or leave. That decision requires personal responsibility, something many people don't have. We'll ramp up into hurricane mode the closer we get to June 1st. Let's enjoy Spring before we have to deal with summer and hurricanes. We'll be feeling summer-like for the next 4-5 days as the muggies are back. Rain chances will stay slim to none until a weak front arrives Monday morning.

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