Sunday, April 24, 2011

Breck is Back...

The National Hurricane Conference was one that I really enjoyed this year as there were many good speakers. Amazing that only 2 TV stations (6 & 8) in SE LA/MS sent their main weather person. Have been watching all the severe weather up north. Thank goodness for us that the jet stream retreated to the north taking the severe weather boundary away from us. We will have a cold front sweep thru on Wednesday that could bring us some storms and much needed rainfall, but most of the severe weather should again stay to our north. I'm back on-air on Monday.


CRAIG said...


My wife and I were at Commander's Palace yesterday and were JUST talking about how we see some celebrity when we dine there. And lo and behold, here comes the 'Little Fellow'up the stairs. We weren't about to disturb your privacy, but we were up there on the second floor too.

Great brunch, maybe we'll see you there next year on Easter! Commander's, what a great New Orleans tradition!!

You know, you look much taller in real life.


Nashette said...

LOL Craig: What a small world...I also love Commanders Palace! Hope both you and Bob enjoyed your Easter brunch/lunch!

Looking forward to your thoughts on our upcoming hurricane season Bob and thanks for taking the trip to the conference in order to become even more informative.

Wiley said...

Great to have you back... Watcha get learned?