Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adrian Reaches Cat. 4...

Mother Nature is often very beautiful to watch(ask the storm chasers) as long as you don't get too close to her full power. Tonight's satellite loop of Hurricane Adrian in the Eastern Pacific is awesome to view and fortunately, he's way out at sea that his power should not be hurting anyone. In the Atlantic, strong wind shear continues over a large area of T-Storms draped across eastern and central Cuba. NHC says there is a 20% (not likely) chance that this system could develop in a day or two once it moves farther away from the strong shear created by a large upper low in the Gulf. Since it's east of Florida, we need not worry about it.

Our weather will see fewer daytime showers over the weekend resulting in hotter highs. Mid to upper 90s are likely as soon as Saturday continuing into Tuesday of next week. Try to stay cool...and don't forget about your pets too.

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