Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Don in the Gulf Wednesday?

Before I begin tonight, I have decided to eliminate those bloggers who have added nothing to our discussions. We try to share opinions on this site and not launch personal attacks.

Satellite loops tonight clearly show a circulation developing over the extreme NW Caribbean. NHC says the circulation is not at the surface, but they have schedule a plane to fly into it midday on Wednesday. Computer models are having a difficult time handling future movement. Most take it into Texas well south of LA. However, several bring it closer to us (GFDL to LCH) and our VIPIR run tonight takes whatever center forms right over us! Not to alarm anyone since whatever forms is still not in the Gulf, but we'll need to pay attention tomorrow as this system could bring us more rain for Thursday and Friday. With upper level winds rather strong from the ENE over the northern Gulf, this system will have a difficult time becoming more than a tropical storm. Stay tuned.

In the short term, expect another active day of showers & T-Storms as an upper trough remains over us. We should dry out for the weekend depending on the path of the tropical system.


Caveman said...

I'm back!

I say the system goes right up the middle of Texas.

Anonymous said...


Brandon said...

This could be another Tropical Storm Allison in the making. With the NHC speaking of an enlongated low pressure center all the rain could be to the east. As wet as we have been could have flooding in southeast LA

Anonymous said...

And just think the NHC gave this system a zero percent chance of developing. This is why I listen to Bob.