Monday, April 23, 2012

March in April...

Reading my good friend Joe D'Aleo's comments today regarding some cities up north were rather surprising as he indicated their average temps for April would probably be lower than their average monthly temps for March.   Big deal so you say?  Well it is as a "typical" April usually sees temps warm 10-15 higher than a "typical" March.    But as we transition from a La Nina pattern towards a El Nino later this summer, we shouldn't be surprised by "strange" weather happenings.  In fact, these EXTREMES were easily predicted weeks & months earlier by Joe Bastardi, former AccuWeather forecasting guru now with WeatherBell Analytics.  The deep trough currently over the east coast was not there during the Winter months.  Had this happened then, we'd have to worry about a hard freeze.   Coming this late in April, with the higher sun angle and shorter nights & longer days, it is not a problem this far south.  I would suggest you get out and enjoy this coolness as after tomorrow, we will not have as pleasant a feeling day until late September or early October. Our long, hot Summer is just down the block, and the block is not very long!

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