Friday, April 27, 2012

Nervous About Weekend Forecast...

I get nervous when everyone (NWS,other TV stations) is calling for no rain over the weekend.  Today's increase in clouds clearly shows the low level moisture is back.  What if the upper high that has capped the clouds from growing vertically weakens a little?   Or a minor upper disturbance springs by?   Yikes!  Both latest computer model runs (RPM, VIPIR) are now showing some PM showers developing on Sunday just west of New Orleans.  Do I believe them?  No, I still think we'll stay dry into next week.  However, you can understand why I'm nervous.   Sure I'd rather be the only one right and not wrong with everyone else, but one model run is not enough to change my thinking.  Let's hope Mother Nature doesn't throw us any surprise party on Sunday.

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