Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hurricane Preparedness...

We all know June 1st starts the 2012 Hurricane Season and every year we hear the same sermons..."have a game plan...prepare enough food & water to last days...shutter your windows...know your evacuation route & destination, yada,yada, yada. How many of you really listen? I know many of my friends do, but I also know there are those who don't. But I don't give up trying to convince those folks to take personal responsibility. That's why FOX 8 every year has a new hurricane special. This year it's on Thursday May 31st 6-7 PM on FOX 8. I invite you to watch and learn as my goal is not to scare, but prepare you to think ahead.

Locally there are signs that our rain chances are going up. The upper high that has capped our atmosphere is retreating back to the SW as an east coast trough will return by Friday bringing a cold front possibly through us. Hopefully the showers will keep us from getting so hot with highs stopping in the upper 80s instead of the low to mid 90s. Trop. Depression Beryl is about to move back over the waters off the S.C. coast. Her forward speed is increasing and she'll take her winds and rains out to sea during the day on Wednesday.

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