Monday, May 14, 2012

Less Hot, Feels Great !

May 2012 began with 8 straight days 88 degrees or warmer. It looked like Summer arrived a month early.  But the last 6 days have seen high temps below normal/average with no real heat coming until later this week. I've enjoyed sitting out on my back deck in the evening with no sweat running down my back.  You know what's coming so I hope you get outside and enjoy this stretch before it's gone until October.

A well defined upper low over Texas will slide to the SE and weaken.  It could be enough to trigger a few afternoon showers both Tuesday & Wednesday before we dry out later in the week.  Computer models have backed off from developing a tropical system down in the Caribbean. 17 days until the 2012 Hurricane Season starts.  Right now I love the wind shear over the tropics!

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