Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Showers Wednesday ?

A well defined upper disturbance is moving into Louisiana tonight. It sure appears we'll see more clouds and higher rain chances on Wednesday before we dry out again on Thursday.  Slow moving storms will mean some folks will get lots of rain 1-3" while others will receive little or nothing.  Highs will be determined by the cloud cover and shower coverage.  Houston's high on Tuesday stopped at 74.  We'll heat up again later this week and approach 90 by Friday.

Dr. Masters posted on his web site today that Trop. Storm Aletta is the 1st tropical storm in 41 days globally making the longest stretch without a tropical storm anywhere in over 70 years.  In addition Dr. Ryan Maue, now with WeatherBell Analytics, said the past 2 year period (2010-11) had the lowest number of tropical storms since the satellite era began in 1970.  None of this will be picked up by the main stream media, but they were quick to try and link the very active years (2004-05) to man & global warming. Bias? Nah!

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