Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's the Technology Stupid !

 Dr. Neil Frank once told me, back in his day (at NHC) they didn't name every little swirl, especially when it wasn't near any land areas.   Yea I know the current technology allows NHC to see so much more details of the tropics that weren't available years ago.   But as Joe Bastardi of WeatherBell Analytics says, the naming of all these pseudo systems "prostitutes" the records making it impossible to compare past seasons.  Personally, I think NHC could have kept T.S. Chris just a sub-tropical gale with no name.  No harm, no foul... But we now have the 3rd named storm of this season. Only 1887 & 1959 has the 3rd storm of the season formed earlier than this date.  Thank goodness El Nino is coming or we could end up with as many storms as last year.   P.S.   The 1st named storm last year(Arlene) didn't form until Jun 29th. Stayed tuned!

Models are showing little development in the southern Gulf the next 3-5 days. (Too much shear)  Most of the rain is forecasted to move over Florida keeping us mostly dry.

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