Monday, July 9, 2012

Active East Pac, Quiet Atlantic...

Over 2 weeks ago, Joe Bastardi of WeatherBell Analytics posted that the MJO was switching back to unfavorable(sinking air) over the Atlantic Basin and that in East Pac the storms would begin firing.   Bravo Joe as we have 2 hurricanes there with one (Emilia) now a Cat. 3.  Joe predicted the tropics would shut down in the Atlantic for the rest of July.  Let's see it that pans out.

Locally, we have changed patterns from an upper ridge(high) to an upper trough (Low) that is resulting in above normal clouds and showers for much of the Gulf South.  This should keep us less hot for most of this week.

As promised, there would be a full assault in the media about our current heat wave & AGW.  Geez, now NOAA is claiming this is the 12 warmest months ever totally discarding the fact that over the past century most major cities have increased their UHI (Urban Heat Island) footprint by 200+%.  That in itself would explain why records are being broken.

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