Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AGW Assault Expands Alarmism...

My previous blogs warned it was coming, a well orchestrated media bombardment on every network. Geez, Diane Sawyer on ABC (Alarmist's Blues Consensus) was the worst with the others not far behind.  It is an effort to sway the opinion of the voters backed by half truths & out right lies.  I do a lot of reading from both sides and IF AGW was real, why are the Alarmists trying so hard to convince us of the truth?   Could it be they have an agenda?  Or maybe they can't handle the real truth since their jobs depend on more grants from the government to continue feeding the gravy train of AGW.   Nah, these are scientists and are above the corruption of money. 

Our rainy spell has been welcomed as it keeps our highs in the 80s.  Today was the coolest in almost 2 months, but it won't last but another day or 2 before the 90s are back.

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