Friday, July 6, 2012

Only a Matter of Time...

You knew it was coming, a full all out assault by the AGW alarmists connecting the past warm winter,the current heat wave & forest fires & drought to the burning of fossil fuels.  I received an e-mail today from a group called NRDC (Nat'l Resources Defence Council, a nonprofit int'l environmental organization) that had the following comments..."these symptoms ...are part of a wider pattern scientists have been predicting for years, as the burning of fossil fuels builds up heat-trapping carbon in our atmosphere."(remember they also blamed the 2 previous cold winters on AGW)  "The warming trend is global"...(wrong) and the alarmist's statements go on yada,yada, yada.  As I mentioned in a blog several weeks back, IF all these things were true, why do you have to hire PR firms, agenda driven organizations etc to keep harping to the spoon fed media these alarmist's messages?   Their agenda is control, power, profit with little or no influence on the current warming cycle.  They want us to believe that man can stop or slow down the climate change that has been ongoing since the beginning of time.  Climate is too complex to be driven by a trace gas.

I am up enjoying the 100+ degree heat wave outside Chicago as we get ready to celebrate my Mom's 88th birthday.   The local weathercasters are predicting a cool front Saturday night just in time before I fly back to N.O. Sunday evening.  I'll be back on-air Monday.

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mikey said...

So glad you don't believe in that scam of AGW.Wish we could still get you on cable here on the MS Gulf Coast.I always forget to watch the live stream on the pc.Miss those tropical forecasts and will miss them if and when another storm forms.