Thursday, July 12, 2012

Watching The Gulf...

NHC has not circled any areas that bear watching for tropical development during the next 24-48 hours so I guess I should not be nervous.  But, I have an uneasy feeling watching swirls on satellite loops that are over the warm waters of the Gulf.   The most obvious swirl is down over the south central Gulf and clearly is an upper low based on water vapor imagery.  However, it is stationary and sometimes I have seen these slow moving upper lows work their way down to the surface over time.  The other swirl was well defined on the visible daylight satellite loops moving westward from Orlando over Tampa Bay and into the Gulf tonight.  Again, I don't like to see any swirls over the Gulf.  None of the computer models have any development in the Gulf....soooo I guess I should chill out (relax)? Right?

Last summer's dought over Texas is gone having shifted farther to the north.  The "corn belt" is really hurting & you know that will be the excuse they'll use to raise prices.  Wish I would have bought some soybean &/or corn futures weeks ago!

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