Friday, August 3, 2012

Ernesto, Florence & Gordon?

Could we be tracking 3 named storms at once?  Could be as TD # 6 way out in the Atlantic should become Florence during the day on Saturday.  NHC says the area of T-Storms east of FL. has a low chance for development, but tonight's VIPIR Run brings a small storm across FL. on Sat. & into the NE Gulf late Sunday.  But Tuesday AM it is just east of the mouth of the river.  VIPIR may be out to lunch, but it was the ONLY model that had Debby right from the get go.   As for Ernesto, NHC keeps developing it into a Cat. 1 hurricane and into the southern Gulf early next Wednesday.  Global models (ECMWF & GFS) keep him weak and moves it over the Yucatan.  Still 3+ days from land.  Long time to follow before we need to worry.  Enjoy your weekend.

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