Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ernesto Getting Better Organized?

Satellite loops tonight do show T-Storms growing along the northern side of Ernesto, however, his circulation will begin to interact with the Windward Islands shortly and this may weaken this organization trend.  NHC continues to indicate Ernesto will slowly strengthen into a CAT. 1 Hurricane by early next week, but the European model does not agree keeping it an open wave across the Caribbean into the Yucatan late next week.  IF El Nino truly is developing, my gut tells me Ernesto could run into some shearing winds late next week not allowing him to strengthen as NHC believes.  Stay tuned!

Not many storms formed today but the ones that did were real gully washers!  Marrero got 1.28" in less than an hour. Hopefully we'll see shower coverage increase over the weekend bringing us some relief from the heat?

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Thomas Gremillion said...

I like your gut feeling on these things. Thank you, as always.