Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fat Lady Singin'...Isaac Still Flingin' !!!

TS Isaac is nearing Monroe but we are still getting some heavy squalls rotating around him with sustained winds 20-25 & gusts 40+ in the squalls.  Entergy is being hampered by these squalls so the restoration of power will be a slow process.  While we have been dealing with Isaac, T.S. Kirk has formed way out in the Atlantic, but it should curve and stay east of Florida.  And yet farther out, TD # 12 has formed.  The immediate concerns are 1) when will power be back? (Saints game tonight on FOX 8) and 2) when will high water subside?   Don't know about the power issue, but the water will not go down at least thru high tide time, which is after the noon hour.  Need the south winds to diminish below 20 mph and that hasn't happened yet.

Little fella has reached the end of his fuel cell and will be shutting down after the 10 AM update.  4 days have taken a toll on "Gramps" voice.  Stay safe, stay dry. See ya next week.

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