Monday, August 20, 2012

Isaac Should Be Named...

Satellite loops of the Gulf tonight show earlier storms have decreased so the focus for tropical development shifts back into the tropical Atlantic.  A large swirl of clouds appears to be getting some T-Storms around it tonight and NHC will likely name it on Tuesday.  Where will it go?  Far too early to scare folks as many models turn it and take it up the east coast, but several take it into Florida.  With the Republican convention coming next week...Yikes!    In addition, following soon to be named Isaac is another well defined swirl that could become Joyce.   Not surprising since the MJO has gone favorable (rising air) and will stay that way into early September.   Get ready to fly thru 3-4 names before things go quiet again. Stay tuned!

In the short term, a weak cool front is trying to stagger down into the northern Gulf bringing us some drier air that will result in cooler night time lows (60s N-Shore).  That summer feel (humidity!) will return by Thursday along with our daily PM Storms.

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Anonymous said...

When you say "fly through 3-4 named storms", are you including Isaac and Joyce"? I hope? :)