Saturday, August 4, 2012

Looking For Gordon...Midday Update

TD # 6 was upgraded as expected to Trop. Storm Florence way out in the Atlantic. This storm will not affect any land areas for at least a 7-10 days, if ever.  Ernesto continues to struggle in the Central Caribbean despite little wind shear and moving over higher oceanic heat content.  NHC does bring him to hurricane strength, but keeps the path into the Yucatan and then across the extreme southern Gulf.  Ernesto should not be our problem.  This morning's satellite loops show a surface circulation east of Cape Kennedy with T-Storms increasing on the east side.  NHC is downplaying this feature giving it only a 10% chance for development.  Remember, VIPIR brings this system across FL. into the NE Gulf early on Monday and heads it our way as a small (TD maybe?) low.  It could just as easily move farther northward towards the Carolinas as a deep trough over the central plains reaches the east coast and draws the system northward. Stay tuned!

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