Monday, September 17, 2012

2012 Season Done? Maybe...

Sometimes the last 2 weeks in September into early October can be very active with some of the Gulf's strongest past hurricanes.  A look at the upper air pattern forecasted for the next 10-14 days sure looks like a deep east coast trough slams the door shut on Gulf formation, unless it's way down over the southern Gulf where many cold fronts will sink.   In addition the MJO has shifted to the sinking phase (unfavorable) for tropical development.  Which leads me to believe that the threat for a major (Cat.3,4 or 5) hurricane is over for us.  Does that mean the "Fat Lady" is on stage and singing?  Of course not, but she has entered the hall and is heading for the stage.  Stay tuned!

In the short term, the 1st of several fronts arrive Tuesday PM bringing back the good feel air for Wed-Friday.  Another front arrives late Saturday,early Sunday bringing more cooler air!  Could we be done with the 90s?   Nah!

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