Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fat Lady Is On Stage...

I thought I would never be able to say on Sept. 25th that our current Hurricane Season is over, and tonight, I can't say that. However, models are again developing another east coast trough over the weekend and that should bring down more cold fronts our way.  I'm hoping the troughs are deep enough to push the fronts way down into the Gulf.  My fear is the troughs will shallow out stalling fronts acorss the northern Gulf into next week.  Stalled fronts over still warm waters make me nervous, but it appears the upper flow out of the WSW should be strong enough to steer any disturbance to our east.  The deeper into October the stronger the fronts will get.  Hopefully by the 10th I can say for sure the "Fat Lady" is finally singing and we are home free.  Stay tuned.

In the short term, little change is expected meaning we'll stay hot and mostly dry until the front arrives on Saturday.

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ed said...

bob did the el nino occur as predicted and if it did what is the strength of it?