Monday, October 1, 2012

Fat Lady is Singing...Come On Down !

Yep, the "Fat Lady" is on stage singing the end of the Hurricane Season for us. Why? Because the 10-14 model runs show more cold fronts coming with an east coast trough set up that would steer any tropical systems well to our east. As the late Johnny Olson on the Price Is Right game show would call out..."Come on Down !" You are the next cold front heading towards Louisiana! Oh sure, we still could see a late season tropical system, but history is on our side. Only once (1893) in the past 150 years has a major (Cat. 3+) hurricane crossed the LA. coastline. As recent as 1985 (Juan) a hurricane has formed in late October, but these are the types of storms that don't require most of us to evacuate. I believe any threat now will stay well east (MOB-PNS) of us or down over the western Caribbean. If the fronts keep coming as advertised, the Gulf waters will cool killing the fuel that feeds these storms. Stay tuned !

Today is a sad day in the life of many outdoormen/women as Bob Marshall's final column appeared in today's Times-Picayune.  Bob was a good writer and respected the whole eco-system that makes Louisiana such a unique place in the World.  Bob and I may have disagreed regarding the current warming cycle (he believes man & fossil fuels are the driver while I believe it's the ocean currents), We don't disagree regarding the crisis facing our coastline.  Good luck Bob and I hope to see you on the water.

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