Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Kid You Not...

This just in...BREAKING NEWS!!!  The Dairy Queen system throws Blizzard treat names into the mix for Weather Blizzards this winter.   Says Barry Westrum Executive VP for marketing for American Dairy Queen..." Obviously a blizzard is a serious weather situation, but we thought since TWC is naming blizzards, we would lend them our Blizzard Treat names should they need them. (Candy Cane Chill, Chocolate Xtreme etc)  ".    Say Westrum..."Because our signature Blizzard Treats are world famous, we feel it's our civic duty to make this offer to The Weather Channel."   DQ even has a BLIZZARDFANCLUB since 2005!    Gotta love this stuff.  I can't even make it up.  He-He!

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