Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Naming Winter Storms? R U Kiddin' ???

Ya know, I've been in this business for over 4 decades and thought I had seen everything, but nooooooo! Today The Weather Channel announced they will name Winter Storms.   Why?   Winter storms are not like Hurricanes/Tropical Storms where sometimes we're tracking 3-4 systems at once.  Usually the winter snowstorm is alone with nothing else to follow.   Again I ask why?  Does TWC think the folks are that stupid that they'll pay more attention to a blizzard if they give it a silly (Brutus...give me a break!) name?  I can see it now...some T-Shirt shop putting out a shirt that says, ..."I survived Brutus" and then TWC suing for violating naming rights!  Can you say MONEY?    Nothing more than a juvenile prank to attract the younger crowd.  What I wonder is 1) will TWC, which is owned by NBC, require their local affiliates (Ch. 6 here) to carry these names and 2) what if other stations not NBC start using these names?  What's next?  TWC starting a new hurricane scale different than NHC?   TWC hiring Hooter girls to attract the male audience?   Other ideas gang?  What say you?

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cheryl said...

too funny, bob..I just love your blog..i hope you never stop blogging..:)