Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Patty To Threaten East Coast?

Our next name storm will be called Patty (my sister's name) and there are signs that she could be trying to organize well east of the islands out in the Atlantic.  Because of lots of wind shear ahead of this disturbed area, development should be slow to occur.   With another trough bringing more cold air southward into the lower 48, IF Patty were to form, she would have a difficult time reaching the U.S. east coast.   Strong SW winds cover the Gulf and that will continue for the next 7-10 days blocking anything from coming our way.  Stay tuned!

In the short term, another weak front will pass thru briefly increasing our winds but not bringing any cool air.  A gradual warm up will begin on Friday as Southerly winds return along with the Gulf muggies.  It'll feel summer-like by Friday PM and thru the weekend as highs apporach 90. 

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