Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Perfect Storm May Bring Us Record Cold!

Hurricane Sandy continues to get stronger tonight as she bears down on eastern Cuba. NHC's track has stayed with the GFS forecast despite the Euro's more westward track that brings real danger to the the major population centers of the NE.  IF the Euro is correct, this could be a far worse impact for the areas that got hammered by Irene.  If you are planning any trips to DC, Philly, NY or Boston during the next 3-5 days, be aware...major flight delays and/or cancellations by airlines are likely IF the Euro is right.

Locally, our only effect will be an increase in northerly winds that will usher in the coldest (maybe record cold?) air since last February.  North Shore lows will dip into the 30s with the South Shore falling into the 40s.  Highs on Thursday & Friday of 80+ will struggle to get into the 60s Sat-Tuesday.  Winds 15-25 mph will make it feel even colder.  Time to get out the heavy coats! 

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