Monday, October 29, 2012

Salute to Bastardi...

Joe Bastardi is often called an alamist regarding tropical systems, but he was the first to make the call on Sandy long before NHC & NWS.   Regardless who was 1st, Sandy has been a well advertised storm doing all the things(rainfall,wind & surge) she was forecasted to do...yet we have people dying.   Why is that?   Can't keep blaming the media for not getting the info out.  Geez, you had to be in a cave underground the past 5 days not to know what was coming.  Some people will never believe..."I didn't know it would be that bad!"   How can we be responsible for the ir-responsible?   I would be happy to hear any suggestions.

Locally, this has been a delightful stretch of weather with sunny skies, low humidity & comfy cool temps (65-70).  No major changes are expected this week with a warming trend beginning Tuesday PM.  By late in the week we'll see highs near or above 80.  Tuesday morning's lows will dip into the 30s North Shore (Geez, it's only October!) and 40s South Shore.  Enjoy since we know what's coming in Dec-Feb...Burrr!

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