Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sandy should be a Hurricane, Tony named too...

Despite being waaaaay out in the Atlantic no where near land, NHC has made TD 19 Tropical Storm Tony tonight.  That leaves only 2 storm names (Valerie & William) left on the 2012 list with over a month to go.  Tropical Storm Sandy appears to be getting better organized and will likely hit Jamaica & eastern Cuba as a Cat. 1.  The question remains tonight...how close will it come to Florida & the Eastern U.S.  Most models keep it far enough to the east of Florida & then curve it away from the Carolinas and head it out into the Atlantic.  Its circulation will help drive a cold front down into the Gulf South bringing a major change in our temperatures for this weekend.  Highs thru Friday will be 80-85 but Sat-Monday will not get out of the 60s with strong north winds making it feel colder.   Might even see some upper 30s on the North Shore for Sunday & Monday mornings.  Get those sweaters and coats ready.  If you don't mind the chill, it should be a crispy Fall feeling weekend.

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