Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sweaters & Jackets Needed by Sunday

The strongest surge of cold air since last March is rumbling southward into the lower 48 tonight.  We'll enjoy 3 more days of summer-like warmth before that old Fall Feeling returns on Sunday. Highs will fall from the mid to upper 80s back down to the low 70s, but more importantly, night time lows will dip into the 40s on the North Shore on Monday & Tuesday and 50s on the South Shore.  What this will do is increase the cooling of the Gulf's waters that effectively shuts down the hurricane season for us.  Farther to our north, the 1st general snowstorm of this season should whiten the grounds from Virginia to New England inland away from the coasts.   Ahhhhh, next we'll be hearing it's blankey blank days til Christmas!

As I get ready to end my 65th year on this planet and begin # 66th, I'm reminded how important one's health is to the equation of being happy.  I still feel great most days.  I watch what I eat and exercise 3 times a week, yet I realize you cannot buy health.   I know I'm on borrowed time and I cherish every day.  I feel very lucky to have my wife & kids to support me and my viewers who have trusted me for the last nearly 35 years.   Thanks to you all.


Deacon Jimmy said...

Well, Happy Birthday Bob! Thank you for all these years guiding us through hot and cold, windy and calm and those pesky storms!

I pray you have many more years to come!

the girl next door said...

Much love to you Bob Breck - you have been a real joy to watch. Over these many years, we, your viewers, feel as though we know you. And, your days have made our days happier. Thanks, and Happy Birthday!

Pompo/Webmaster said...

Happy B-Day Bob! You gonn abe missed when you'll retire from Fox8!est