Monday, November 19, 2012

Dah Dah Dah Dunt...Tiger Stadium Rocks!

I was actually disappointed in the Tiger Stadium experience on Saturday because 1) Ole Miss was winning & 2) it was Daylight.  The sun set at 5:05 PM and around 5:20 PM the stadium announcer bellowed..."As it does each day, the sun has set in the west and it is now Saturday night in Tiger Stadium!"  The band struck up, the crowd went nuts and Odell Beckham JR. did the rest.  It truly became an experience in Tiger Stadium and I can understand Les Miles emotions for his team and this place.  The big house in Ann Arbor is a special place, but so is Tiger Stadium, especially at night.

The current weather pattern, if it happens next month or in January or February, will bring us a hard freeze all the way down to the Gulf Coast.  We're not quite to the time of the year when the northern states are covered in snow and the air flows southward off a snowpack.  The cool spell we've been enjoying is slowly moderating but no real warm up is coming.Our current dry spell (7 days) could last for another week with no major weather issues for this Thanksgiving week.  Enjoy it as there are signs that December will turn much colder for much of the eastern U.S in the 10-14 day time range.

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