Wednesday, November 7, 2012

North to Alaska...Burrrr !!!

The North American snow pack is increasing as the daylight decreases in our Hemisphere.  I always check on the Temps in Alaska once we get into the Fall/Winter seasons.  Last year Alaska was very cold & snowy, but we seldom had an east coast trough to bring that air into the lower 48.  Hence last winter was the year without a winter.  It appears this winter will be different as east coast troughs keep coming.  Does that means snow for us?  Perhaps, but more likely it means we'll see several moderate to hard freezes in Dec-Feb. time frame.   Stay tuned!

The major weather news is the Nor'Easter that is following right behind last week's Hurricane Sandy.  1st you're battered with a storm surge, now you're covered with a wet snow.  Not sure who said it..." life is not fair" but those in the Northeast near the coast know the truth of that saying.  We feel for them because we have been there many times in the past 15-20 years.

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