Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Blame Game Continues...

Today's Times-Picayune editorial headlined...SURGE MUST BE PART OF WARNING.  They go on to blame NHC & the local offices of NWS because the Times-Pic believes NWS "didn't covey the serious risk of surge in a way people could understand". !!!   Are you kidding me?   Again we have folks taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY away from the "victims" and placing it on the message & messenger.  I remember during Katrina NWS came out with this warning 2 days before she struck.
..."there will be parts of SE Louisiana & coastal Mississippi that will be un-inhabitable for weeks, perhaps months after this storm."  How clearer can the message be?  Yet we lost nearly 2,000 people & countless others had to be rescued from rooftops.  I remember during Isaac FOX 8 had very clear graphics showing storm surges of 5-8 feet in Lake Pontchartain & 8-12 feet at Braithwaite.  Yet some people stayed who were outside the levee protection system(risk reduction).   Initially I thought The Weather Channel, NHC & the local NWS offices were over hyping Hurricane Sandy.  Turns out they were correct, but people just don't want to listen.  I go back to my question..."How can we be responsible for the ir-responsible?"   So far no one has given me an answer.

Today's heavy rains were welcomed since it hadn't rained in 2 weeks.  Get ready for some chilly air to arrive Tuesday & Wednesday before we see a late week warm up.

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