Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Folly Of Naming Winter Storms...

When I started in broadcasting back in 1971, my boss who was the legend of Tampa Bay(like Nash was here) use to bring his dog, Scud on to the set with his viewers sending in cute outfits for Scud to wear in the colder months.  When I moved to Dayton in 1973, the guy I replaced did the weather live outside (believe he was the 1st in the nation but others quickly followed) nomatter how wet, snowy or cold.  A fella in Milwaukee used a puppet to deliver the forecast and who can forget Sonny Elliot in Detroit or Tex Antoine with Uncle Wethbee or P.J. Hoff in Chicago with his Vice Pres. of looking out the window.  What did they have in common?   A gimmick, something different to try to get people to watch.

So let's get to The Weather Channel's naming Winter storms.  Why?   They try an explain that it will make people pay more attention.  Huh?   Who's next?  AccuWeather naming storms?   We now have Brutus...some one will have a Babe or Bubba or a Breck!   There is a reason the National Hurricane Center names storms since we've seen 4 or 5 systems going on at once.  There is a reason the National Weather Service is the official body that issues warnings.   What TWC is doing is creating a gimmick, an effort that they hope will  get more viewers to watch them.  My fear?  It will create more confusion, worse yet it may create a cry wolf syndrome.   My opinion...a stupid idea.  What say you?

Locally, we're going into a warmer weekend ahead of our next front on Monday.  Highs will be back 80+.

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cheryl said...

Does the naming of the storms have anything to do with insurance deductibles? Very sad, if that is the reason?