Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Travel Day Has Few Problems...

As a kid I remember my Grandfather taking his whole family to a nice restaurant for Thanksgiving.  I remember the great food & the fun of being with my cousins, but most I remember the weather.  It often was cold & sometimes snowy.  Hey, this was in NW Indiana where it's supposed to be cold.  Tonight even up there it's not cold and certainly way too warm for any snow, which is great news for anyone traveling tomorrow.  We are day 8 with out rain and that streak should countinue into next week.  We do have a front coming Friday night, but it looks to come thru here dry.  This weekend will be a little cooler, but the real cold will arrive the 1st week in December.  So enjoy our current mild spell, spend time with family and don't assume you can always do it tomorrow as tomorrow may never come.

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