Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

Yea I remember our last real snowfall on Dec. 11, 2008.  I was on my way to a doctor's appointment as I was to have rotator cuff surgery the next day.  A cold core upper low was forecasted to move right over south louisiana and computer guidance said the freezing level would dip close to the surface.  Sure enough, even though surface temps were in the upper 30s, big flakes of the wet, white stuff began falling after 9 am and continued thru the noon hour. 1-2 inches of snow covered the ground making for some beautiful pictures.  Now another way for us to get snow is for a very cold air mass to move off our coast with a SW upper flow over running it with warmer air and moisture.  If a wave or low forms on the frontal boundary, it can throw enough moisture back over us making us feel and look like Buffalo...at least for several hours or a day!   The long range models do bring down some very chilly air by Christmas Eve, but right now the moisture will not be there.  Still plenty of time for things to change.  Stay Tuned!

In the short term, it appears Thursday morning we'll have to deal with near freezing or slightly below temps.  You'll have all day Wednesday to cover up or move your tender plants to safety.  It will not get cold enough for it to be a problem with pipes.  It's a People, Pets & Plants night, but not Pipes.

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