Monday, December 17, 2012

Santa will need Pirogue across the Gulf South...

All you cold weather geeks will get a sneak preview of what will finally come down over most of the country by New Year's...that's some real cold.   The 1st batch arrives Thursday into Friday (highs staying in the 50s) but it won't last into the weekend.  We'll see another big warm up that will have us in the 70s for Christmas Eve & Day along with a good chance for some showers & T-Storms.    Folks up north will get a big snowstorm Christmas Eve, but here it'll just be rain.   Never doubt Santa's trek down to us even without snow.  Models still show a trend to colder weather in the 10-15 day time frame.

In the short term, we should see a wonderful Tuesday after a gloomy Monday.  Wednesday will soar back into the 70s before T-Storms arrive with the cold front near Dawn on Thursday.

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