Thursday, December 20, 2012

Saturday Morning Freeze?

Our Winter of 2011-12 saw us reach 32 degrees only once, and that didn't happen until January 14th.  We're likely to see our 1st 32 degree low on the South Shore this Saturday as very dry air combined with clear skies and light winds will allow for maximum radiational cooling. Look for lows 24-28 on the North Shore and 30-35 South Shore.  Looking out 10-14 days shows even colder air plunging southward out of Canada where temps over the Yukon & Alaska are 45-50 BELOW ZERO.  We will need to monitor that air mass as any return to an east coast trough would bring the frigid air roaring down to the Gulf Coast.  It will not snow here for Christmas, but the next 3-4 weeks could get interesting.  Stay tuned!

In the short term. friday will begin breezy & cold with bright sunshine.  Winds will decrease in the PM making it feel warmer, but highs will stay in the 50s.  Saturday may reach the low 60s with clouds returning Saturday night into Sunday with Sunday's highs 65-70.  Christmas Eve & Day will be mild but wet at times.  Sorry!

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Anonymous said...

What about Winter Storm Euclid? We've decided to cook a day early in case we don't have electricity.