Monday, January 21, 2013

Coldest Air in 2 Years...

Arctic air has been bottled up over Canada most of this Winter until this week.  A dip in the jet stream is bringing sub-zero temperatures to many cities that haven't been that cold since the Winter of  2010-11. Since the Great Lakes are essentially ice free, expect some snow scenes coming out of Buffalo, Cleveland & Grand Rapids to exceed 1-2 feet during the next few days.  Fortunately for us, the dip in the jet will not dig all the way down to the Gulf coast keeping the core of the coldest air well to our north and east.   That may not be the case later this month or into February as models are indicating more east coast troughs coming. 

In the short term, our 5 day rain-less stretch will continue for another 2-3 days until a cold front arrives Friday night.  We'll warm up into the 70s for Thursday & Friday before cooling back into the 50s for Saturday & Sunday.  It appears this weekend's parades on Sat-Sunday will be on a dry track.

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