Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Follow The Money...Al Did !

As many of us have known for a long time, the AGW movement follows the money.  That was very apparent in this morning's TODAY Show interview Matt Lauer did with Al Gore.  (paraphrasing)  Mr. Vice President, you oppose the future use of fossil fuel and support alternative energy?   Yes Matt.  Then how can you justify selling your network to another network owned by one of the biggest oil producers in the world?   Isn't that hyprocrisy to the max?   I don't see it that way Matt !!!   Yikes!

Our severe weather threat remains on track for early Wednesday morning...IF we see any at all.  SPC keeps the main threat well north of the LA/MS border.  Look for morning drive to be a wet one with most of the showers gone by 9 AM.  Clearing skies by mid afternoon should temper the colder air following the front, but you'll need sweaters and jackets again for Wed. night into Thursday & Friday.  No rain is expected here for Super Bowl Weekend.

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