Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rumors of My Demise are Premature !!!

As I mentioned last week, I am undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.  FOX 8 will be doing a story about it Thursday night during our 10 PM newscast.  Seems many people only heard the word CANCER and are believing I'm leaving Ch. 8 or I'm about to die.  That is incorrect...ON BOTH COUNTS!  The purpose of the Nancy Parker report is to encourage more men over 50 to have regular check ups that include getting a yearly PSA test.  Early prostate cancer has NO SYMPTOMS.  The PSA test allowed me to avoid surgery to remove my prostate since my doctors believe it(cancer) was discover in stage 1. The side effects of radiation treatments are pain & just 5 minutes it takes each day.  C'mon, why wait until it's too late and you require surgery that will leave you wearing depends forever?   I'm in shape (Marine Corps training) and feeling great!  On day 8 with 35 more treatments to go.   I'll keep you posted and thanks so much for the out pouring of concern. I'm truly humbled.

Weatherwise, our warm spell is over and it's back to sweaters and jackets for a while.  After this morning's heavy downpours, no more rain is expected thru this Super Bowl Weekend.  Lots of sunshine Thursday & Friday with a slow warming on Saturday.

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The Dubois' said...

Well Bob... Our family was so sad to hear the news that our happy little weather man was under the weather. We are transplants from South of Lafayette - you might say Cajun Country. When we relocated to the Northshore I searched for a channel that I would like because I have always been facinated with the weather. Well would you know one day I happened upon this little man - a kind, gentle, soul that always puts a smile on my face no matter what kind of day I am having. I love your intro - Well Hi Gang !!! Since we found you we have watched no other. You're the best. Like you mentioned earlier. Life is a journey and this is another stage of it. You are a strong individual and you will beat this and will be doing our most reliable weather for a long time to come. After all we need you to draw those smiley faces on the board. I've said from the first weather cast I viewed that you reminded me of my dad/grandfather who are no longer with us. Always smiling. Your family is very blessed to have someone like you in their lives. We too are blessed although it being only through the magic of television to have had someone so wonderful come into our home each weekday night, and sometimes if we lucky on the weekend also. Our family will be praying for you and your family for a speedy treatment process as well as a speedy recovery. Take Care My Friend !!!
These Ragin Cajuns Love You!!
God Bless !!The Dubois'