Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Crisis Should Never Be Wasted...

Most of you know I have been a registered INDEPENDENT since the 70s & I hate BOTH parties. Having said that, you may agree or disagree with what is happening in Washington right now.  NOAA is claiming that there will be gaps in our polar orbiting weather satellites since they are included in the $85 billion mandatory budget cuts.  The President says teachers will be cut along with FBI agents, fireman, police, etc.   Where have we heard this before?

Anytime local government tells us we have to increase taxes, who do they say will be cut if we don't?  Police & firemen, never bloated administrative positions.  Just think about NOAA.  Are you trying to tell me they couldn't offer those over 55, who have been working for the government 30+ years, a ONE TIME buyout?   That's what Dan Milham chose when Hearst offered that package to it's employees several years ago...oh, how stupid of me, Hearst is a private, for profit company.  Forgive my comparison.

You get the picture.  When government wants more money (taxes) they ALWAYS frighten us with the cuts to ESSENTIAL services.  Create a crisis and you can get almost anything passed during it.  The press falls for the $ 85 billion in cuts as some massive number.  Let us remember the National Debt is almost $17 TRILLION, and that 1 trillion is 1,000 billion.  Cutting $ 85 billion should be a piece of cake with very little affect to the majority of Americans.   But noooooo,   government wants you to know they will cut ESSENTIAL services unless you give in to their demands.  Enough is enough.   Support term limits.  Let's get new blood in Washington that's willing to work for US and not themselves.  I'm tired of career politicians.  How about you?

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