Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Active Weather Pattern Next 10-14 days...

So far this has not been a "brutal" Winter like those back in the 60s & 70s.  However, it appears the last week in February & the first 10 days of March may make it a Winter to remember.  Storm after storm is lined up in the Pacific and snowstorm after snowstorm will expand the snow pack over the heartland of the Nation.  This will be much needed moisture and should put a real dent into the extreme drought that has gripped the wheat & corn belt states.  For us it means more rain which we don't need.  Wednesday will be cool & dry with showers developing on Thursday as we get back into the warm air sector. Late Thursday night a cold front might trigger some severe storms so pay attention to the weather.  Unfortunately, that front may stall along the coast keeping a shower threat here thru Saturday.  Hopefully Sunday will dry out?  Colder air is likely to crash down over us next week. Don't see any of the white stuff here, but one can always hope.  Stay tuned!

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