Monday, February 4, 2013

Let the Parades Begin...

OK, so the Big Game is the stuff that really makes New Orleans, Da Parades, are about to begin.  We are currently in a fast moving west to east flowing southern jet stream that is bringing us several dfisturbances producing rain opportunities.  Tonight's showers should be gone by early Tuesday with another round moving in for after midnight Wednesday (Parades dry) into midday on Thursday.  If we continue with our lucky streak (Great SuperBowl Weekend Weather), Thursday night's parades should also be dry.  Looking ahead to the weekend, an upper RIDGE builds over the Gulf South and that means we'll be warm and mostly dry thru Sunday.  Could there be a stray shower? Yes, but chances appear to be less than 10-20% and that's late on Sunday.   Monday could also be mostly dry & warm with Fat Tuesday starting out warm and dry with showers and maybe some storms for late PM into the over night hours.  That's still a week away and will be dependent on the speed of our next real cold front.  Looking out 10-14 days, there are signs that the coldest air of this winter season could bring us a freeze, even to the South Shore.  Don't plant those tomatoes just yet!  Stay Tuned!

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