Thursday, February 7, 2013

NE Media Going NUTSO...Historic Storm Coming...

On the anniversary of the great blizzard of 1978, seems many can't remember that far back or weren't born yet.  Yes, computer models are forecasting a major Nor'Easter that will bury many cities under 2-3...FEET of snow by mid day on Saturday.  Most airports will close and travel will be nearly impossible.  But this has happened before...and will happen again.  I predict the AGW alarmists will jump on this as yet another sign of global warming.  Let's see?

As this storm deepens up the east coast, it will drag down a chilly area of high pressure over us keeping us dry into Sunday.  After that, our weather will depend on the timing of a front that will stagger into SE LA/MS.  Right now, Monday & Tuesday look wet with Mardi Gras turning colder.  Boo!  Stay tuned!

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