Friday, February 1, 2013

NFL Owners...What Were They Thinking ?

As I sit here tonight looking at a wonderful weekend forecast with highs 65-70, I look to New York City and see that they are 24 degrees and getting colder with snow in their forecast for Sunday.   Why should that be important?  Well, that's where SuperBowl 48 will be held next an outdoor stadium with no roof !   What were the owners thinking?  Certainly not about the players and fans.  What happens if a bad snowstorm hits during the game?   My opinion (which has little value) is the SuperBowl should be on a rotation of 4 or 5 SOUTHERN cities with domes that can keep the elements from affecting the outcome of the game.   You purists & old-timers may disagree, but the biggest game should not be at the mercy of Mother nature.

A weak front will pass by late Saturday night bringing a few showers to our north and east.  The clouds should clear early on Sunday with slightly cooler temps.  Saturday's highs 67-71, Sunday's highs 64-67.  Enjoy your weekend, the parades & the game.

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