Friday, February 22, 2013

Stormy Night With more To Come...

Wow...what an active weather pattern.  Before all the AGW alarmists start staying...WEATHER EXTREMES, it has happened fact, many times before.  Back when I was younger (in da 60s) we had some tremendous snowstorms (1967) in the Chicago area along with some brutally cold Winter temperatures.  One thing we didn't have then...CELLPHONES with cameras.  Everything now days is instant, often while it's happening.  Little wonder everyone thinks extremes are happening more often.

We have some extremes around tonight and likely will see more late Sunday into Monday as more upper disturbances come our way.  A Flood Watch has been posted thru Saturday morning, but we should see Sat. PM into most of Sunday turn drier.  Storms return Sunday night and could become severe on Monday.  Enjoy your weekend, despite the weather!  Stay tuned for some really cold stuff late next week.

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