Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Comet Pictures...

Well I tried to find it...found the sliver of the Moon...but no Comet.  Leave it to the professionals at the Pontchartrain Astronomy Society to deliver the good.   Barry Simon and the gang set up at the Lakefront at West End.  You can see their pictures on our FOX 8 Facebook page, a 5 picture slide show.  You'll have another opportunity tomorrow night as skies will be clear.  The problem will be the moon will be much higher in the sky making it more difficult to find the comet.  Give it a try.

Another surge of cool air arrives after daybreak requiring light jackets or sweaters tomorrow despite lots of sunshine.  Normally we shoul see highs in the lower 70s but Wed. & Thursday will stay in the 60s.  The real warm up arrives on Friday and lasts thru the weekend as highs rebound into the 70s with no rain.  Call it the Luck of the Irish as all parades & parties will not have any weather problems.

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