Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Assault Continues...

Yep, on a weekend where cold (below normal) covered much of the eastern U.S., where a PGA Golf Tourney in South Florida had people bundled up like some northern cities and where The Weather Channel has named yet another storm comes a headline in Friday's USA Today..."Why you should sweat climate change."   I kid you not.  Another snowstorm(duh, it's still Winter!) is coming...must be global warming.   More drought...must be global warming.   Record cold in Europe...must be global warming (weather extremes)...yada, yada, yada.  Now the USA TODAY  "reporters will travel the country to explore places where climate change is affecting lives."   Nope, they're not going to send reporters to places where the economy hasn't recovered affecting people's lives (old news).  Nor will they send reporters to places where inexpensive energy (fossil fuels) are producing great paying jobs(shale oil states...old news).  Nope, they're going to create yet another crisis regarding something that has been occurring since the beginning of time...CLIMATE CHANGE.   Heard of that before?   Never let a crisis go to waste?   It's government at it's best.  Create a "crisis".  Begin by hiring several PR firms to promote your "facts" to the press & indoctrinate the young from grade schools thru college.  You see, if you are older than 50, you have lived thru CLIMATE CHANGE. The 50s,60s & 70s were the period of global cooling.  Since the 80s we've been in a CYCLE of global warming.  Yet there are those scientists (usually connected to the government's grant programs) who truly think/believe that man can control the climate of the Earth.  I am not one of those who believe you change opinions by scaring/alarming the public just to get your way.(more funding...translation, more taxes).  What say you?

Kenner's low this morning was 35 meaning we may get thru this Winter season without dipping down to freezing.  March's weather is often very active and this week will see another strong cold front sweep thru late Tuesday.  Our up & down roller coaster temperature ride will continue.  Stay tuned! 

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