Thursday, March 14, 2013

The journey Continues...

One week from today I will finish my last radiation treatment for prostate cancer.  To some it seems that 7+ week journey has gone by so fast.  For me, it has been somewhat harder than I expected.  No it's not like chemo...I feel great!  have good energy until the evening hours and have zero pain.  However, the inability to empty my bladder results in getting up several times at night so I don't stay in a deep sleep.  That's where the fatigue factor sets in, so for the next week I will not be doing the 10 pm weather.  All my issues (hot flashes, bowel habits etc.) have been more annoyance and nothing I can't handle.  I will follow my Doctor's advice regarding future check ups and trust I have many more years on this Planet.  Thanks to everyone who have kept me in their thoughts & prayers.

Weatherwise, our WOW Weather will continue thru the Weekend for all the Irish activities.  It will be warming into the 70s and our only issues will be morning fog Saturday & Sunday. Party on !

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Deacon Jimmy said...

God bless you on your journey Bob! Glad you are doing well!