Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Old Man Winter Won't give Up...

Yea I know most of the South has warmed up and some of that warmth made it into the NE for a brief stay, but the main player on today's weather map is the extreme cold that lingers from the west into the Great lakes.  Fargo, ND will set a record for the latest day on record for NOT topping 50 degrees.  Burrr.  Denver is expecting more snow yada, yada, yada.  Bottom line, the storm coming out of the Rockies will drag yet another strong cold front our way bringing back sweaters and jackets for Friday & Saturday.  Hard to believe when highs Wed-Thursday will be 80-85.   The good news?   This weekend looks dry, sunny & comfy cool in the 70s!

Yet another legend passes on.  George Cry, former head of the local River Forecast office at the National Weather Service in Slidell died yesterday.   George was a brilliant man, far smarter than me and he shared his knowledge with me many times. 

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